Usher's Male Herpes Accuser Demands Medical Records From The Singer: Report

In 2017, three people accused Usher giving them herpes. While Quantasia Sharpton's the most notable one, there was also a woman and a man that accused Usher transmitting the infection. He's denied all the allegations against him but his accusers are still taking him to court over the matter. John Doe's case hasn't been publicized as much as Sharpton's or Jane Doe's. However, a new report has given us a possible reason as to why there's a hold up in the case. 

Usher's male accuser is demanding that the singer turns over his medical records, according to the Blast. John Doe claimed he had sex with Usher at a spa in Los Angeles' Koreatown. Like the other accusers, he says that the singer put his health at risk by not disclosing his alleged diagnosis. 

In the legal documents, John Doe made a request to the judge for Usher to hand over documents and information, specifically the singer's medical history and possible settlements. He claims Usher has refused to hand over any documents. In addition, Doe says Usher also tried to use a attorney-client privilege and physician-patient privilege as a way to not turn over over the medical docs.

John Doe also asked for a protective order over Usher's medical documents. He says the public circulation his medical history would also invade his privacy and cause embarrassment. In addition, he says if Usher's medical documents were released to the public, it could leave the singer ridiculed and harassed.

Usher has previously accused John Doe harassing him with demands pertaining to the case.

The judge has yet to make a ruling. 

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