Valee Dyes Dog Red & Receives Letter From PETA

Earlier today, Valee and G Herbo dropped their single "Above Average," a track that's featured on Valee's Runnin' Rich EP. The project's cover art is a white space with a red-colored chihuahua, and on the Valee's Instagram, he shared a video of the real scarlet-dyed pup. While the video clip was uploaded a month ago, on Friday Valee shared a letter that he received from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) who condemned the rapper for dyeing his dog. Valee has stated that he used vegan dye, but that didn't stop criticisms from rolling in from both the animal rights organization and the general public.

"Dis edible vegan dye... no chemicals. And it’s 60 degrees here, not hot. y’all wild," he tweeted. In the alleged letter from PETA, the animal rights group opened with a kind greeting before writing, "Valee should know that putting dye on animals is extremely dangerous. In one case, a dog sustained horrific internal and external burns after someone attempted to dye her fur purple with a product intended for human hair."

"Although the dye used on Valee's dog was reportedly non-toxic and vegan, no animal has a natural desire to be dyed," the letter continued. "And sharing this content on social media could encourage his fans to dye their animals, putting them in potentially life-threatening situations." They then asked for Valee to remove the video to "literally save lives."

Valee simply captioned the tweet with, "PETA on my head. My dog do’n jus fine 👌🏾."

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