Vancar Releases Yet Another Masterpiece Titled “Outside The Gate”

Maryland based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vancar releases yet another masterpiece titled “Outside The Gate”, after his first and eclectically beautiful delivery last month titled “Go Outside”, where he was inviting the “indoor generation” to leave the concrete jungle and explore nature. In “Outside The Gate”, the young prodigy delivers an impressive act from a musical standpoint and regarding the message he delivers, one most of us can relate too. The story told is that of his friend in the last moments before his death, going through his life, assessing the good and the bad. The music is out of this world and the listeners will enjoy the ethereal guitar solos, piano progressions and of course, Daniel Feldman’s angelic and deep vocals. Full of emotions and raw sincerity, this song will touch all kinds of music lovers, while still sparking the interest of indie aficionados. Keep Vancar on your radar for more coming very soon!

Make sure to check out “Outside The Gate” down below, and follow Vancar on Instagram for more.

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