Vanilla Ice Fan Wipes Out After Trying To Take A Photo On Stage

Vanilla Ice is apparently still playing shows and people are actually paying money to go see his set. Nobody has really heard much music he's put out but apparently, "Ice Ice Baby" is still going hard. However, he's clearly still been working and according to his Wikipedia page, he did drop an album in 2011. While many people question his music, newly surfaced footage proves that he's still one hell a performer.

Vanilla Ice's concentration is clearly hard to break, according to new footage obtained by TMZ. During one his concerts in October, he was seen on stage doing his thing and eventually, brought up a gang girls on stage. One lady, who was clearly enthusiastic about the opportunity, tried to take a picture with the rapper on stage. Unfortunately, it resulted in a massive L as she tripped and fell f the stage. In the footage, you could see that she dropped with her legs in the air and one her friends trying to grab her. 

Despite this, Vanilla Ice kept his composure and continued to perform his set without breaking his focus. The concert went down in La Hacienda Event Center in Odessa, Texas. He brought up the woman towards the end the show.

According to the report, security to help her and eventually got her out the venue. They also say there was blood but the report doesn't disclose whether paramedics were needed. 

Peep the clip below.  


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