Vanilla Ice's Estranged Wife Wants Him To Pay For Florida Home Repairs: Report

Vanilla Ice may have survived the flu that over 100 passengers on board his plane from Dubai caught, but he's not getting away from the demands o his ex-wife who wants him to cough up cash for repairs on a home they share in Florida. According to TMZ, Vanilla and his estranged wife Laura Van Winkle are in the middle of a divorce and she's requesting the courts to make Vanilla cough up some cash for the house. 

Laura is living in the home with the couple's daughter and documents say she's not pleased with the mildewed roof and not having a fence to cover the pool - what a tragedy. Apparently Vanilla has blown off numerous requests for payment, claiming that he's not the homeowner anymore but she's calling bullshit especially since he's allegedly pulling in $825K a year. 

Not too long ago, Laura got upset with Vanilla after he was apparently selling off their belongings. She filed for divorce in 2016 and is seeking ownership of their family home as well as spousal and child support.

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