Video Game Developper Dies By Suicide, Lighting Herself On Fire

On June 19th, Chloe Sagal was seen walking with crutches in a Portland Park. The 31-year-old woman stopped to read a statement about mental health and homelessness. Late, she set her body ablaze. Although witnesses attempted to save the woman, trying to put out the flames, Sagal eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Chloe Sagal is best known for the point and click mystery game Homesick whose plot is centered on a woman in search for her friends throughout the house in which her family had been murdered. The creative is remembered in a positive light by her own friends. AJ Luxton wrote in an email, "Chloe was brilliant and rarely got a chance to show it. She created enchanting video games, she built things, she volunteered with Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina, she taught herself to read despite severe dyslexia." Still, her persona is also attached to some controversy. In 2013, the gamer is said to have lied in her Indiegogo campaign. She had claimed the funds were being raised for the removal metal shrapnel from her body. In reality, she had used the money for gender alteration surgery. 

Her untimely death is a reminder the substantial importance mental health issues in our communities.

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