Video of Drake and Kendrick Perkins about to fight after Lebron James told Kendrick to –

Drake is a main stay courtside at Toronto Raptors games. Sometimes the camera will catch Drake heckling other NBA Stars, but its never taken the wrong way by the NBA players. It seems that heckling may have went left field during game 1 Raptors verse Cavs. Drake who we hear was heckling his friend Lebron James got a surprise visit from NBA goon Kendrick Perkins.

In the video you can see Kendrick going at Drake trying to fight the rap superstar, but Drake nor his crew was having any that. It also seems that Lebron found it funny and did not try to stop his NBA good Kendrick from going at Drake. Maybe Lebron himself is fed up with Drake’s sideline antics. Check the video below and tell us what you think.

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