Vince Staples Roasts Kenny Beats On "The Cave": "Kenny Beats Is The Police"

Kenny Beats had a major role in some of the best albums of 2018 from Freddie GibbsFreddie, Rico Nasty's Nasty, and Vince Staples' surprise drop, FM! Kenny Beats is undoubtedly one of the most consistent producers out right now and he's been bringing many rappers to his studio for his new web series, "The Cave." On his new show, Kenny creates a beat in 10 minutes then has a rapper get in the booth to freestyle over it. Rico Nasty, Freddie Gibbs and Zack Fox joined Kenny on his show over the past few weeks. On the latest episode, he brings out Vince Staples who not only delivers bars but nearly fives Kenny Beats a panic attack.

The latest episode of "The Cave" predominantly consists of Vince Staples relentlessly trolling Kenny Beats throughout the episode. While Kenny Beats cooks up a beat, Vince goes in on him over his cooking skills ("You white, y'all don't spice nothing") and how long its been taking him to produce the track. At one point, Kenny Beats jokingly (or seriously) says that Vince is about to give him a panic attack.

Even after getting into the booth, Vince Staples continues to troll Kenny Beats in his freestyle. "Dead homies, bread on me/ And Kenny Beats is the police," he raps on the outro before turning the police bit into the hook. "If Kenny Beats is the police/Then I... I don't fuck with the police, n***a," he added before going into a "fuck Kenny Beats chant."

Peep the latest episode The Cave below. 

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