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At the end last year, Spotify released the list emerging genres and new genres starting to make a difference. As many the genres were unknown to us, Spotify announced that in addition to chillhop and cinematic dubstep being one the fastest growing genres music, vintage swoon also braced the list. With so little information about vintage swoon online, it's time to clear the air on what this genre is and what some the best songs online are.

What Is Vintage Swoon?

Vintage Swoon was referred to as “Wham! Meets Taylor Swift” by GQ Magazine. With artists such as Jackie Dunn, Bachelor Three, and Dick Webb, vintage swoon is gaining in popularity amongst for its specific fanbase.

Best Vintage Swoon Songs

Bobby Kriss – Runaway Heart

Bernie Terill – Very Special Girl

Rusty Curry – Tag Along

Dick Webb – Land Teenage Love

Bachelor Three – Lover Man

Jackie Dunn – Playboy

Ronny James – Where In The World Are You

Bobby Mell – Dedication Time

Denny & Lenny –

Billy Mishel – Paradise Found

What're your favorite songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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