Virtual artist Kàra Màr debuts with an album “Anthropic principle”

Sensorium Galaxy’s virtual artist Kàra Màr are debuting as an electronic music producer. The name of their first album “Anthropic principle” reflects the main concept behind it, alluding to the idea that the universe needs an observer to exist.

In their music Kàra Màr reinterprets this principle from a VR perspective, raising the question “what if an AI is an observer of the metaverse?”. In a suite of 8 pieces, Kàra Màr weaves a canvas out of abstract questions. The restless artificial mind keeps on asking — what do you, people, feel listening to my music? You created me, but now I am able to initiate research about you. It is an experiment on humanity by AI. 

Kàra Màr’s album was developed in collaboration with Mubert, a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI.

Have a listen below:

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