Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Cooda Remix)

Porter Robinson's newest project ‘Virtual Self' has seen instant success, because well, duh. It's Porter Robinson. Bring me one person on this earth who doesn't like Porter Robinson. I just want to have a talk.

Ghost voices has had it's fair share remixes, but one that slipped under the radar is the revision LA producer Cooda did. To me virtual self has a very DDR, arcade style early Millenia dance music vibe. What perfect way to take it even further back than with an old school trance music rework. Trance was always an inspiring genre for Brad, so it's nice to see him get back to his roots.

Everything about the song is cohesive, and really feels as if it's own track. The vibe is fast paced and wondrous creating a since awe and a need to dance as you play it over and over. The vocal chops are ethereal, and every section the song has a seamless transition into the next. The only problem I have with the track is that I was not able to cover it fast enough.

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