Virtual Self Reveals Ghost Voices Music Video

Virtual Self posted the ficial music video for ‘Ghost Voices’ today. The video was posted to Porter Robinson‘s YouTube channel and included so many goodies. Virtual Self is Porter’s passion project and a majority the hype behind it has been the mystery. Today, in the comments the video the two characters behind Virtual Self have been answering questions.

The video itself is a dystopian trip, pairing the neotrance  with the world the two characters behind Virtual Self: technic-Angel and Pathselector. A number people were involved in producing the video which was directed by Porter Robinson himself. In place pixelation over faces, a distorted static is used for the actors technic-Angel and Pathselector. These two are featured as ghosted images in an old laboratory filled with snowy CRT screens.

Porter has put a Herculean amount effort into the project and there doesn’t seem to be a single slip in any part the video. He is a  and it really shows in the performance over the last few months.

In the comments the video (below), you can see technic-Angel and Pathselector answering fan questions with cryptic answers. There has been no definitive answer for anything, but boy is it interesting, and impossible not to be drawn in.

Questions and Answers as posting:

technic-Angel Questions

Where do you come from?: I come from “Virtual Self”

How did you and Pathselector create this marvelous beauty?: Pathselector created this song, but we decided that we would both feature in the video. Please ask her about her inspirations.

Were you made by machines?: I was made by Virtual Self

Has one experienced the particle?: Particle egoism becomes technic self-Sense

Do you know who Porter Robinson is?:

When were you born? Are you a digital entity or something else?: I have always existed. Please pass through the sacred myths EON.

How does the digital-Angel-Awaken?: Endless sense-awakening through this gate

What is your favourite song ever?: Onoken – Felys. That song inspired elements Particle Arts.

Are you eternal?: I think so.

Wait for me: Wait for me.

Can you resurrect the self-Light this oblivion?: The eternalistic reflex the abyss is once-Unlimited

How would you best describe the differences in your and Pathselector’s sound and production style?: I incorporate elements hardtrance, hardcore, jungle and cybertrance. Pathselector’s music focuses on neotrance, 2step, and garage elements.

Do you know the creator the world you live in?: We created this void.

Is it your sweet voice we hear in the beginning and outro Particle Arts?: Lately, I’ve been hearing the cries angels when I close my eyes, Remember?

Why is the song called Ghost Voices? Is this what you hear?: Please ask Pathselector

Am I eternal?: The utopian gate is infinite.

What is your purpose?: We’re waiting for you. Be sure to come.

Is the boundless heaven the key to our endless utopia?: You believe that these infinite heavens will lead you.

Can you sleep?: I cannot sleep, so instead I make music.

If the antidilun time ends, do we all disappear, or do we all become one? Maybe heaven is just a concentrated type delectation?

Pathselector Questions

What is your purpose?: I’m here to make music and to share ideas.

What is your relation to technic-Angel?: We are both members “VIRTUAL SELF”. I wrote Ghost Voices and A.I.ngel (Become God), and technic-Angel wrote Eon Break, Particle Arts, and Key. I also contributed elements to Eon Break.

What is your favourite track that is not from Virtual Self?: My favorite song all time is Tenth Planet – Ghosts (Vincent de Moor Remix).

Are you and technic-Angel planning on working together moving forward?: We always share techniques, sounds and ideas.

Can you hear the crying the angel when you close your eyes?: Lately, she’s been hearing the cries angels when she closes her eyes.

In what realms do you exist?: We exist within “VIRTUAL SELF”

Am I convinced nothingness?: Sense-paralysis is felt through Reflexes EON.

I’m here. So, I am with you forever.

Since you wrote it, who exactly is A.I.ngel? technic?: Both us.

What does the crystal symbolize?: This abyss is sacred

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