VISIV launches new techno event with Metaverse & NFT offerings

With NFTs and festivals colliding more and more recently, the ground-breaking technology is being utilised in unique ways and the immersive techno event curator VISIV is also now getting in on the action to further elevate their event. Taking place on 19 March at the Paris La Défense Arena, VISIV: The Future Is Now boasts a techno lineup filled to the brim with some of the genre’s biggest tastemakers including Ben Klock B2B Marcel Dettmann, Blawan B2B Helena Hauff, DVS1 B2B RØDHÅD and many others. 

Fully immersing themselves in the unique world of NFTs and the Metaverse, the debut of VISIV will not only take place in the iconic Parisian arena, but also online in the Metaverse at the same moment, collaborating with world renowned conference SXSW. With this collaboration, it invites the virtual reality audience of the Texas-based event to join in on the fun and visit the festival online via a dedicated portal whilst people simultaneously dance in person within the arena. A unique concept that will open more doors for events to allow visitors to join in from the Metaverse, VISIV is starting out on a high note.

Aside from their Metaverse offerings, they are delving into the creative world of NFTs. Offering three types of NFTs for their first event, the first type represents realistic 3D models based on every artist on the lineup. Only one will be available for each artist, and to give fans a chance to own their favourite artist, they will be fractionated meaning that more than one person may own parts of the NFT creating a collective ownership. These types of NFTs also offer extra revenue to the artists themselves. Secondly, the next collection is based around the strong and growing visual brand of the event itself in the form of ‘The 7 VISIV Deadly Skulls’. With each seven skulls, owners can unlock content within the Metaverse such as avatar skins and other surprises and discover an individual narrative for each among other exciting things. The third and final NFT in this collection is perhaps the biggest as it includes unlimited access to relive VISIV: The Future Is Now an unlimited number of times. Aside from this, the revenue will also form another source of income for DJs. 

About their new venture, founder Axel Picodot states:

“We are building in a way that will be useful for any future VISIV events and other events by providing building blocks for the entire industry. They can then be reused to recreate the same high-end experience, bringing enthusiasts closer together globally in unique ways coupled with completely new opportunities for artists, event organizers and crowds.”

Set to be leaders within the events space, connecting the Metaverse and NFTs with techno events in a new way, VISIV: The Future Is Now is on sale and you can buy tickets through the website here. All ticket holders also are eligible to receive $VSV tokens on the blockchain which will be launched soon.

Featured image credit: VISIV (via Facebook

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