Vivica A. Fox Speaks Nothing But Facts On Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Feud

It's been a few days since Nicki Minaj's epic clap-back on Queen Radio and people are still completely absorbed by all that's been happening between her and Cardi B. Many have reacted to the shoe-throwing incident, as well as the ensuing insults hurled both ways with many choosing their respective sides. People appear to be pretty split down the middle on who's in the wrong but it goes without saying that both women should probably have reacted differently. During a recent sit-down with Shade 45, Vivica A. Fox explained how she sees the situation and she spoke nothing but facts.

"I just believe that Nicki knows how to push people's buttons," said Vivica, "and she does it very passive aggressively." There's no denying that Minaj has been a little shady in the past, being accused of stopping people's bags and pulling strings behind the scenes to prevent the success of others. While all of that is alleged, it is definitely worth mentioning in this context. Fox continued, "When she does that, it was like, you keep on poking the bear and sooner or later the bear is going to react. You're poking the bear; that's passive-aggressive. And then when the bear attacks, then all of a sudden you retreat." Obviously, Cardi B is the bear in her analogy.

Considering how reactive Cardi has proven to be in the past, Vivica wasn't surprised that she threw a shoe at her. In fact, she seemed more perplexed as to how it didn't connect. Watch part of her interview below.

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