Wale Is Coming Through With His Very Own Weed Strain

As the marijuana business continues to blossom across the United States and Canada, many celebrities have decided to flex their entrepreneurial muscles accordingly. Today, Wale took to Instagram to announce his intentions of the herbal variety, revealing that he was destined to receive his own weed strain. Though he certainly appears thrilled at the prospect, he isn't quite sure about the direction he wants to take, particularly where the high is concerned. In order to maximize the enjoyment of his yet-to-be announced strain, Wale took to Instagram to poll the people with what really matters.

Wale Is Coming Through With His Very Own Weed Strain

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

"Indica or Sativa?" writes Wale, alongside a picture of himself sampling one, the other, or both. Jae Millz offered his own take, encouraging Wale to explore the hybrid option. "Hybrid, Sativa dominant," he writes. "So we can be stuck, but still in creative mode." DJ Green Lantern voted for Sativa, as did many of the commenters who chimed in. As of now, Wale has yet to issue his decision, but it's likely that he'll use his own experience to ensure maximum benefits of the aforementioned "creative mode." 

What do you think of rapper strains? Are you trying to smoke that unnamed Wale joint?

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