Wale's New Interview With Peter Rosenberg Is Terribly Awkward

Wale has been hard at work this year so far. On top the regular freestyles he has been hitting over some the hottest songs the year, the D.C. rapper has come through with several surprise EP's this year. His latest effort, Self Promotion, was received well from our readership with an 81% approval rating. He's not finished there either as he's working on a lot more music, which will likely see the light day soon. Signing a brand new deal with Warner Bros. and MMG, Wale has his eyes set on a collaborative project with Eric Bellinger.

Currently on a mini press tour, the rapper hit up Peter Rosenberg at Hot 97 to discuss his latest project but, as Rosenberg points out, he seems disinterested throughout. The host remarks that it doesn't necessarily seem like Wale is excited to be speaking with the media, after which things became even more awkward. The rapper said, "Why doesn't it seem like I'm thrilled to be here? I came in here and you're asking me questions about wrestling. I've never watched wrestling." Rosenberg calls him out on the statement as Wale is a huge fan the WWE and has appeared on their weekly programming in the past. Pointing out that something is clearly going on, Rosenberg tries to get him to speak about the topics they have on rotation, including Kanye West, Pusha T vs. Drake, and other hip-hop stories the moment but he wouldn't budge.

The cringe-worthy stuff begins at around the 13:00 mark. We'll give Wale a pass, he was probably just having a bad day.

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