Walmart Yodel Kid Has Dreams Come True on Ellen Show, A Walmart Tour & MLB Player Walks Out to Remix

Thanks, GalacticFusion. In my life, I have seen a lot things that I couldn't help but wonder “how in the name god is this person getting recognition?” So, as I sit here and write this I hope you can understand what is going through my head. Where is my talent? Where is my million dollar idea? Why am I not friggin yodeling at Target?
Claiming to have performed at his local Walmart 50,000 times, Mason Ramsey has ficially made it big time. The Hank Williams Sr. sound-a-like has captivated the eyes and ears millions with his viral videos and spo meme's, videos and music videos.

Since arriving at the top Everest, Mason has been recieving an overwhelming amount support, most recently with the likes my favorite talk show host (and people) Ellen DeGeneres. On the show, Ellen and Mason went back and fourth in a hilarious interview that resulting in Ellen making the kids most prized dreams come true at the age 11-years-old. My favorite part was him saying he wants to go to college and head a mobile home park in Florida….

Much like many the other “viral overnight successes” Mason seems to have hit the pinnicale stardom, hardly at the age to realize what he has accomplished at 11-years-old. His voice isn't even done changing yet. His cover Hank Williams Sr “Lovesick Blues” has risen both the original and his version to the top global charts and it is truly astonishing. On Ellen, it was announced that he would be hitting the road on “tour” to perform at various Walmarts in a “Concert setting”. For those outside his tour, FEAR NOT, Walmart is taking every opportunity to market this kid and will be livestreaming on FACEBOOK. Twitters reactions have been absolutely hilarious.

The kid has done it all, recieving a $15,000 scholorship to college from Walmart, a gig at his dream venue. In addition, he has been feautured as the “walk out song” for Boston Red Sox stud pitcher out the bullpen, Joe Kelly. All we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Mason, congratulations, we are all….cheering for you….

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