Walt Disney World's New Toy Story Land Will Captivate Fans Of The Iconic Film Series

Toy Story Land, Walt Disney World's newest addition to their massive amusement park, will open on June 30th, effectively manifesting the beloved animated film series on a massive scale. The surrounding environment is chock full minute details, bold colours, as well as two new attractions: Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers. 

Whilst perusing around the park grounds, a visitor will notice the extreme attention to detail evident throughout the space. The park benches were specifically designed to recall one's childhood, resembling popsicle sticks, dominoes, and oversized Lincoln Logs. "As you go through, really take your time to look at all the details and the graphics," recommends Dave Minichiello, Toy Story Land's creative director. "There are photo ops everywhere here."

For attendees waiting in queue to ride the Slinky Dog rollercoaster, they will encounter an amalgamation toys, board games, and crayon-scribbled plans belonging to the film's lead child, Andy. 

When entering the gift shop, a prospective patron will be able to purchase a Slinky Dog headband, which provides an amusing alternative to the sea Mickey Mouse ears that generally populate Walt Disney World. 

As the sun retreats and the night sky descends over Orlando, the park becomes illuminated by a sea multi-coloured lights that create a nostalgic experience unlike any other. 

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