Watch Above & Beyond Perform Atop Colombia’s Revered 650-Foot Monolith, El Peñón

Above & Beyond took to one of Colombia's tallest peaks to lift our spirits during a breathtaking livestream performance.

The location was atop the magnificent El Peñón de Guatapé, a natural landmark located in Piedra del Peño. The towering, 650-foot granite monolith sticks out like a sore thumb amid lush greenery and surrounding waters, but historically it has been revered for its perceived sacred qualities.

Teaming up with Cercle, the iconic trance music outfit rose to the occasion at the summit with a dedicated crowd of fans. It's even more impressive considering the fact that El Peñón can only be summited by way of the 650 stairs embedded in the side of the landmark. 

Those who missed the live show can still relive the magic via the recorded Facebook livestream below. The venture looks and sounds even more impressive than imagined. With multiple drones circling the surrounding and a stellar DJ set from Above & Beyond, the true essence of El Peñón's splendor is captured and presented like never before.

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Watch Above & Beyond Perform Atop Colombia's Revered 650-Foot Monolith, El Peñón

The iconic trance music outfit painted the famed Colombian landmark in a whole new light.

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