Watch Alison Wonderland’s Secret Album Release Rave Live From a Vacant Laundromat

Lights, camera, laundry.

Alison Wonderland rinsed out a slew of filthy new tracks live from a vacant L.A. laundromat as her long-awaited album dropped this week. Giving audiences one of the first live previews of her brand new Loner LP, the Australian songstress performed in partnership with Brownies & Lemonade at a pop-up rave to remember.

The private event went down in the Alvardo Laundromat in Los Angeles. But if a sonic cleanser is what you were after, this DJ set was anything but.

Wonderland unleashed an onslaught of bass as the laundromat beamed to life in a flurry of lasers. The LED strips lining the venue's equipment snaked along every corner of the aged interior, igniting the scene with sequences of polychromatic hues for a distinctly haunting feel. The washing machines were also filled with branded Loner merchandise, like tees and beanies.

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Watch Alison Wonderland's Secret Album Release Rave Live From a Vacant Laundromat

Watch the full livestreamed "Loner" performance inside.

Loner marks Alison Wonderland's third studio album release. You can listen to the record here and watch the full full album release party below.



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