WATCH: BriGuel Drop Their Most Intense Creation Yet “Red Ropes”

BriGuel’s creativity has reached higher levels of consciousness. The NYC based couple just released “Red Ropes” with the hopes of spreading a very important message to a mass that’s slowly turning into sheep. Showing gun violence, world famine, inappropriate behaviors and money being wasted; goes to show how much further we’re sinking into this dark hole that we created for ourselves.

Unlike their other creations, BriGuel’s “Red Ropes” features BRBRCK’s unique performance that adds a touch of spookiness to the visuals. Mourning our reality and what’s considered “normal,” BriGuel appear in a an all black ensemble and steal the show with their zombie eyes and robotic movements. After being consumed by what the media feeds us, the only solution to break free is to open our eyes and look away. To use our brains and bring back humanity that once existed.

Combining their dramatic creation with some upbeat, BriGuel is offering the world assistance as well as a good time. Make sure to stay in touch with BriGuel and their upcoming projects on Instagram and Spotify.

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