Watch Four Tet’s 3-Hour DJ Set From a Historic 1771 War Fort

Four Tet recently performed a riveting, three-hour DJ set from Fort Mifflin, a historic war fort.

Fort Mifflin was built in 1771 on the Delaware River. The site predates the Declaration of Independence and has been crucial in every war the United States has fought since the Revolution, according to the Pennsylvania Center for the Book.

It all went down in Philadelphia at the inaugural Making Time Festival, which also featured performances from Bicep, LSDXOXO and TSHA, among others. But it was Four Tet who stole the show.

The renowned DJ and producer has always pushed the boundaries of the intersection of music and performance, so his Fort Mifflin set seemed right on brand. Four Tet dropped a barrage of nostalgic tracks, like Shakira's "She Wolf" and his edit of Gwen Stefani's "Yummy." A highlight came when he played out a rumored collab with Fred again.. and Skrillex, tentatively titled "Baby Again."

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Watch Four Tet's 3-Hour DJ Set From a Historic 1771 War Fort

The explosive performance went down at the inaugural Making Time Festival in Philadelphia.

Watch Four Tet's full Making Time Festival performance below. 

Four Tet, whose real name is Kieran Hebden, recently wrapped up a legal dispute with his former record label, Domino, over streaming royalties. Hebden stated that he was only paid 18% of the royalty share despite the 50% rate that was agreed to in his contract. He will reportedly receive £70,000 after Domino recognized the 50% royalty share.

"It has been a difficult and stressful experience to work my way through this court case and I'm so glad we got this positive result," Four Tet said at the time. "But I feel hugely relieved that the process is over."



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