Watch Shaquille O’Neal Crowd-Surf at Lost Lands 2021

In perhaps the most surprising news from Lost Lands over the weekend, 7'1" 320lb DJ Diesel—perhaps better known as former NBA center Shaquille O'Neal—went crowd-surfing. That's a lot of man to hold up and send sailing across a crowd of ravers who had been going hard all day.

Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardaway, Steve Nash, and countless other players had a world of trouble on their hands trying to hold the four-time NBA champion back on the court, and the Lost Lands crowd was no different. Despite their best efforts, their arms and legs buckled under the weight of Diesel, who quickly dropped to the ground atop a slew of unfortunate souls.

Their attempt was, well, admirable:

O'Neal has been known to join the crowd during sets, but this is the first time a crowd-surf has been attempted by the DJ and NBA legend. His popularity has only grown since he began performing dubstep DJ sets in 2015, and showing support to both the scene's biggest artists and fledgling producers, making him one of the most beloved figures in the modern EDM community. 

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Watch Shaquille O'Neal Crowd-Surf at Lost Lands 2021

How many people would it take to hold DJ Diesel up?

Ravers, take note: you may need to start hitting the gym before the next Lost Lands. You never know when you'll have to hold up the Big Shaqtus.

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