Watch Skrillex Throw Down BANGERS At Burning Man’s Opulent Temple

As the days push on from the end Burning Man we continue to see more and more footage from the incredible event. While we have already dropped a bit coverage on Diplo's magic journey, including a B2B with Flume as well as Skrillex's B2B with TokiMonsta, today brings even more hot takes from Burning Man.

In the video below courtesy Electric Family as well as @stevebrew, Skrillex can be seen tearing up Burning Man's (literally) explosive Opulent Temple. Skrillex makes the crowd go absolutely wild when he mashes up JoyRyde alongside some other samples.

Burning Man was a massive success in 2018, reporting no deaths (none have been made public thus far at least), as well as less arrests than in 2017. In combination with some the best music anyone has heard this year it seems like Burning Man once again tops the list festivals to hit in 2019. Check out the wild video below.

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