Watch The Full Music Video From Miley Cyrus’ "Black Mirror" Character Ashley O

The new season of Netflix's Black Mirror has surely been watched in full already. Season five came equipped with just three episodes and the final of the trio features none other than Miley Cyrus starring as Ashley O, a pop star whose fame is controlled by her overpowering aunt. The pop songs performed by Ashley O are reworked Nine Inch Nails songs. 

One song in particular, “On a Roll,” are lyrics from the rock band's song “Head Like a Hole.” Since the episode has received all kinds of reactions, it only makes sense that the network delivered an official video for the song, that's actually quite catchy. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is a big fan of the show and the creator, Charlie Brooker, got his blessing to rearrange the track. 

“Trent got it straight away,” Chirs said of the track. “It was email and he was really happy pretty quickly.” 

"I think it’s an important story that needs to be told ... such a realistic take on what it’s like working in the music industry," Miley said of the episode called 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.'

"It really portrays the overt exploitation of artists and that numbers usually eclipse the creative most of the time." 

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