Weird Al Yankovic Removes Michael Jackson Parody Songs From Set

Weird Al Yankovic's built his career off of doing parody songs of some of the biggest records of the time. He's parodied songs by Nirvana, Chamillionaire, and Michael Jackson. In wake of Leaving Neverland, it appears as if Weird Al Yankovic has decided to pull any parody songs of Jackson from his future set lists. Weird Al is hitting the road this summer on the Strings Attached Tour which will include performances of his biggest records with a full orchestra. He explained that the absence of the MJ tracks are due to the current backlash surrounding the King of Pop.

"I don't know if that's going to be permanent or not," Yankovic told Billboard, "but we just felt that with what's happened recently with the HBO documentaries, we didn't want anybody to feel uncomfortable." He added, "I felt I had enough fan favorites in the show that I could get away with it. I haven't gotten a lot of pushback; There have been some people who have expressed disappointment, but we decided to err on the side of not offending people."

Yankovic's move doesn't seem like it's in spite of the allegations of Jackson but rather, treading carefully on a sensitive topic that's struck an enormous amount of conversation and controversy surrounding Michael Jackson's overall legacy as an artist.

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