Welcome the revolutionary new digital music world Hydeout: The Prelude

Hydeout: The Prelude is a virtual platform created to revolutionize the music industry. It’s not streaming, it’s not a festival, it’s not a social network, it’s all that and more. Hydeout is a new way to experience and consume music, a fresh interpretation of the relationship between fans and artists. The digital world is not the future, but the current reality. In Hydeout: The Prelude, all of your fantasies take shape and colour.

Hydeout was an event that was meant to take place in real life, last year, but the team had been quick to change this up and create something amazing for fans to enjoy, to ensure they are not missing out on everything that Hydeout has to offer to the digital space.

Along with the current development of virtual events, Hydeout’s multidisciplinary team has created something revolutionary and ambitious. Rather than producing a digital festival, they created a whole virtual world that offers music lovers an exclusive and immersive experience. That’s Hydeout: The Prelude, a portal that teleports you to a new world dedicated to music. Hydeout’s executive producer Chan Wee Teck believes that music has the power to unite people and bring their best to the top and this platform serves precisely that purpose. The world of Hydeout is a utopia watered with fantasy and inspired by the imagery of music and technology lovers. The inspiration behind this wonderful world is the films ‘Avatar’ and ‘Ready Player One’, but anyone who has seen ‘Blade Runner’ or ‘A.I.’ will also find some similarities in these futuristic cities and landscapes. Hydeout: The Prelude is a parallel dimension where music fans can listen to their favourite music, immerse themselves in the lives of artists through their stories, play games alone or with other users, participate in chats, and more. The motto is inclusivity and diversity. The aim is to give ravers back the freedom of expression and interactivity that they lost with the pandemic, providing them with a green card to dance and live together in safety.

Hydeout stages

The universe Hydeout: The Prelude

Hydeout’s supernatural setting took about seven months to be created and was born from the hands of the best professionals in the field. The credit for the videos goes to Final Kid, the audiovisual prodigy that has produced for brands such as Ultra Music Festival, Parookaville and UEFA 2016 x David Guetta. The universe of Hydeout develops in three different virtual worlds, where the adventures are different and the environments are indescribable. HydeCity is the most industrial and urban atmosphere of all and hosts three fantastic stages: HydeAlley, The Arch and Pandemonium. More organic and revealing a tropical and relaxed setting is HydeIsland. On this magical island, we find three other stages, including Aqua Sphere, a breathtaking waterfall, The Mirage and the mythological Sanctum. The third world is HydeEscape. Through the luminous portal – Hydeout’s fingerprint – it is possible to navigate between the real world and the virtual. HydeEscape hides more than 14 secret locations, tailored to each of the superstar artists. The names are truly suggestive and provoke a lot of eagerness in their discovery.

What you will find in Hydeout: The Prelude

If the original event’s lineup was full of stars, in this digital world the level hasn’t dropped a bit. Eclectic and inclusive, Hydeout combines pop, hip-hop and electronic music, offering a stellar lineup that includes: Alison Wonderland, Cosmic Gate, DJ Snake, Don Diablo, Dubvision, Julian Jordan, Martin Garrix, Nervo, Nicky Romero, Rita Ora, Sam Feldt Live and Yellow Claw. This first season will feature 40 episodes and live performances in over 20 3D stages. In these episodes, besides listening to incredible music, the users will be able to follow the artist closely and interact. Revelations, personal details, everything you wanted to know about your favourite artists will be revealed intimately. On digital stages, you will be able to listen to music and – most importantly – dance. In Hydeout, everyone has their own customizable avatar. Besides being able to choose your look and clothes, you will be able to use dance moves of your own. The avatars will guarantee interaction with the platform, interaction with other users, interaction with artists and true freedom of expression. One of the goals of the platform is to bring together people who think alike and share the same tastes. To promote interaction, there are global and private chats where music lovers from all over the world can communicate and exchange ideas. Another way to interact with other HydeTribe members is through games. There are three different games chosen according to the habits and preferences of music lovers. Hyde.Hoops is a basketball game to test scoring skills, Hyde.Attack is a very creative two-player game of dodgeball and at Hyde.Chef you will have to satisfy customers by serving the Singapore dishes they dream of. As well as being fun and engaging, the games are a good way to win Hydecoins.

lineup Hydeout

Hydeout: The Prelude, a world with its own currency

Hydeout is the digital version of the world of a raver. You can dance to your favourite music, have fun, make friends and, as in the real world, it’s hard to do it with an empty wallet. In this new world, the currency is called Hydecoins. The money is useful to spend on the Hydeout Marketplace which offers new episodes, avatar skins and dance moves. So if you like, you can customize your avatar to the max with flashy clothes and props Whether you want to unlock new episodes or impress with sophisticated dance moves, you have to add Hydecoins. To have this in-platform money in your wallet you can buy a pack of Hydecoins or win them in challenges and in the games mentioned.

Hydeout pass

How to get into Hydeout: The Prelude

As mentioned above, one of the brand’s mottos is inclusivity, which means that entering Hydeout is easy and accessible to everyone. To enjoy this unique and immersive experience you don’t need any specific equipment, all you need is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, as the platform is browser-based. To be part of the tribe just access the website and create an account. The process is simple, user-friendly, and only takes a few seconds. To enjoy the Hydeout universe, there are two possible passes: ‘Pay As You Go’ and ‘Season Pass’. The first gives you the freedom to just spend what you want if you want. As it costs nothing, you have limited access to the episodes and other experiences and it only translates into 100 Hydecoins. However, you can customize the package to your needs. The ‘Season Pass’ costs $49.90, fills your card with 800 Hydecoins and gives you unlimited access to all of your experiences.


Listen to music, live the music and become free in Hydeout: The Prelude. This is the only virtual universe where you can be part of the show, dance and make friends. For a moment, forget the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and live life to the full. Recover your freedom of expression and go dancing without even leaving the sofa. This unique experience will be available from January 25. Be one of the first to experience this immersive platform and secure your place in the HydeTribe now. Stay tuned and follow Hydeout on social networks.

Image Credits: Don Diablo (Press), DJ Snake (via Facebook), Martin Garrix (Press), Nicky Romero (Press)

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