Wendy Williams Reportedly Urged By Advertisers To Stop Supporting R. Kelly

Wendy Williams is known for her bold opinions on the numerous celebrity happenings. Whether people agree with her or not, it's understood that her talk show is to spill the tea and be the devil's advocate on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, Kim Kardashian's nude photos, 50 Cent's relationships and more. But her previous comments showing love for R. Kelly and saying she's sick the #MeToo movement is definitely a little bit too far, even for her.

According to The Daily Mail, advertisers for her self-titled talk show are seriously telling Wendy to cool it on the R. Kelly support, saying they may jump ship from working with her. "It's already been a tough season for Wendy. The revelations her husband's affair caused major drama at the show. Her illness cost the show to lose money during her three weeks f, which is why Jerry O'Connell had to come in and guest host one week," a source told the publication. "Now, her supporting R. Kelly despite his history questionable sexual misconduct in this day reckoning for women is misguided and dangerous to the business her show."

Wendy previously told her audience that "people have many layers to their personality," adding: "And I must tell you, Robert is wonderful. Excuse me for living and giving people a break."

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