Wendy's Is Giving Out Free Burgers For The Month Of September

Twitter has become something of a hotbed for fast-food restaurants to try their hand at humor, with everyone from Denny's to iHOP (RIP iHOB) luring followers with jokes about their new menu items.  In the case of Wendy's it would seem they are also offering free burgers, at least for the month of September.

On September 9th their twitter account dropped the news that everyone is entitled to a Dave's Single with purchase, provided you download their app. It's a decent marketing ploy, as the Dave's Single is perhaps one of the most solid fast-food hamburgers on the market. The square patty and use of vegetables easily check McDonald's, whose sprinkling of onions and dab of ketchup just can't compare.  It's also a good way to save on some cheap date nights before the holiday season rolls around and decimates bank accounts everywhere. 

The move is yet another by restaurants to try and bolster sales (and app downloads), but its hard to fault their schemes when they prove to be so enticing. Time will tell if you keep the app downloaded past the month of September, but perhaps the deal will endear you to the company so much you just can't help sticking around.


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