Westside Gunn Reveals "FLYGOD Is An Awesome God" Tracklist & Guests

Between Benny The Butcher's recent The Plugs I Met and Westside Gunn's upcoming FLYGOD Is An Awesome God, it's safe to declare the arrival of Griselda season. Today, Westside took to Instagram to reveal his new album's tracklist, as well as a stacked lineup of guest producers and rappers. Though he doesn't reveal their involvement on a per-song basis, the information remains tantalizing nevertheless. Even if it leaves us guessing, at least for the time being.

Given the amalgamation of names in the aptly titled "Gunnlib," it wouldn't be surprising to see Madlib and Gunn join forces on that go-around. Otherwise, it's difficult to discern which track will feature which contributor, leaving us to play guessing games until the project surfaces. Yet FlyGod is indeed an Awesome God, having blessed us with the complete list of producers and guests, as follows:

Alchemist, Raekwon, Madlib, Ws Pootie, Daringer, Conway, Scott Hall, Evidence, Benny, JR Swiftz, Keisha Plum, Denny Laflare, Meyhem Lauren, Sauce Walka, DJ Muggs, Sadhu Gold, Hologram. 

Of course, the extensive supporting cast once again points to an adherence to that classic street sound, a quality we've come to expect from Gunn and his Griselda compatriots. Look for FLYGOD Is An Awesome God to arrive on July 5th. Are you looking forward to that?

1. Jul 27th
2. Sensational Sherri
3. Bautista
4. Lunchin
5. Ferragamo Funeral
6. Thousand Shot Mac
7. Birkin
8. Pete Sake
9. Amherst Station 3
10. Dance Floor Love
11. Gunnlib
12. Lakers Vs Rockets

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