What Berlin clubs are doing to tackle COVID19

In late February, one person infected 16 others at the Trompete nightclub, accounting for almost one-third of Berlin’s total cases for Corona Virus (also known as COVID19). Berlin’s club scene has been forced to react quickly in light of this case and how alarmingly fast it spread.

Berlin club mouthpiece, Club Commission has contacted public health officers and sent a circular to all 50 member clubs with prevention information in late February to all members. According to the circular, the measures that will be introduced by member clubs include:

– Collecting the email address or a telephone number of every visitor attending an event at entry
– Reducing the number of people to 70% of the total capacity of a club
– Additional hygiene facilities to assist in enhancing hygiene for visitors
– Extra information for visitors to understand their personal responsibility while at a club

In addition, clubs have been asked to set up a contact address so that if a visitor turns ill post-event, the visitor can contact the club. The club will then inform the health department and the contact details for all visitors attending that given night will be passed on.

The virus has presented a tricky balance between operation and safety for clubs. On the one hand, it’s important for clubs to stay in operation to ensure that they don’t suffer financial hardship. On the other hand, the prevention of the spread of the virus is extremely important, especially for the elderly and more vulnerable.

We’ve reached out to a number of clubs including Berghain, KitKat Club, Watergate, Goldengate, OHM, SchwuZ and more to understand what additional measures they are taking.

The virus has also caused the cancellation and postponement of events including SXSW, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and more.

Source: Clubcommission

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