What So Not Explains What's Going on with Long-Awaited Skrillex Collaboration "GOH"

It seems like forever since What So Not and Skrillex revealed that they had a collaboration in the works. Since the announcement the ficial collaboration, fans have been patiently waiting for the long expected track,”GOH,” to finally be released. While fans were waiting for the new release, the track itself slightly fell into the dark, mysteriously having fans wonder what exactly is taking so long. Fans no longer have to wonder no more; What So Not has finally shed light as to what is currently going on with the collaboration.

A fan took to Twitter to ask What So Not what exactly was going on with the release the track.

What So Not responded to the tweet explaing what exactly was going on.

After What So Not's explanation, it is now clear as to why the track has been so delayed. Hopefully, the collaboration will make the cut for What So Not's soon to be released album, Not All the Beautiful Things.

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