Who Is 1788-L? An In-Depth Look Into This Mysterious New Artist

After releasing just a handful tracks, the producer 1788-L is gaining momentum and is an artist to watch in 2018. 1788-L's virality began with a remix Virtual Self that instantly went viral. After releasing seven songs already, everyone is asking the question just “who is 1788-L?”

Who Is 1788-L?

While 1788-L does not follow a single person on SoundCloud and the prile only says “SYNTHETIC AUTOMATION 1788-L,” the mystery surrounding this up and coming artist remains a mystery.

Ever since the first release though, many people believed that the mysterious bass producer(s) was Stonewall Klaxon. One month ago, the user AnonKing said that it was Stonewall Klaxon's side project, while RanyeWest said that it was not a side project, but in fact his new project. Another user ggsauce249 said that “it was confirmed on Stonewall Klaxon's Facebook upon the first release.”

While there's no mention 1788-L on his prile today, one fan happened to catch a screenshot from Stonewall's indexed Facebook prile.

Who Is 1788-L? An In-Depth Look Into This Mysterious New Artist

While 1788-L is speculated to be Stonewall Klaxon, it'll only be a matter time before more clues reveal who is behind this mysterious identity.

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