Who Is Jane XO? An In-Depth Look At Who Is Behind This Mysterious Producer

With more than 23,000 followers on both SoundCloud and Facebook, Jane XO is one the latest mysterious producers in the scene. Her trap release “Love Me” currently has more than 1.2 million streams and with each release, fans become more and more curious about who is behind this mysterious character.

“Being able to express myself musically without limits, no worries judgement, no worries success or failure is why I remain behind the wall anonymity,” writes Jane XO. “I hope you enjoy the first part my story.”

Who Is Jane XO?

From her mellow intros to the well-sung vocals, Jane XO seems to be a well-thought out mysterious producer that has captured the attention thousands dance music fans.

While taking a look at JaneXoMusic.com, the domain registrar information has been protected and the overall presence Jane XO (Jane Doe) has been tightly sealed. After looking at her Facebook about section, she writes “you know who I am, but who I am does not matter.”

While looking through a number lyric websites and online databases, Jane Po's “Lies” was written by Oli Lenn, Richard Beynon, Aurora Joan Pfeiffer, Ryan Henderson and “Undone” was written by Richard Beynon, Ryan Henderson, Rachael Leon Yelena, and Joan Pfeiffer Aurora. While there seems to be a common trend aritsts on tracks, it's too soon to fully reveal who Jane XO is yet.

While it's still not known who Jane XO is at the moment, it's only a matter time before the detectives on the web find out the true identity this DJ and producer.

Photo Jane XO.

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