Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Everything You Need To Know

A little over one year ago, news broke that Drake was expecting a child with one Sophie Brussaux, citing a heated text-message exchange between both parties. While news on Drizzy's alleged child has since gone dark Brusseaux has maintained his paternal status, going so far as to refer to the rapper as a "deadbeat dad" on Twitter. Last night, the narrative was rekindled by Pusha T, who once again brought Sophie's name into the spotlight. In his scathing "The Story Of Adidon," Pusha refers to her Instagram handle, rapping "Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother, Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her." He proceeds to double down, playing the role hip-hop's Maury, boldly stating "you are hiding a child."

In the wake the the song, Brussaux has since made her Instagram private, presumably due to an increased interest level. Naturally, many curious minds have been wondering about Drake's alleged baby moms. Is it fair to chalk her among the "couple porn stars he's ashamed to mention?" After all, Brussaux previously worked as an adult actress, using the moniker Rosee Divine (NSFW, obviously). Yet it would appear that she's a woman many talents, boasting an impressive collection original artwork on her ficial website. 


It would appear he talents as an artist have taken her around the world, with her bio mentioning exhibitions in NYC, Milan, and London. It would appear her work is driven by a feminist theme, as her inspirations are described as follows: "she likes to paint about what women her generation go through. In a digital era where social media and communication reign, where love and money are ten at conflict, where opportunity corrupts morals and intentions… it is not easy to be a woman!"

Who Is Sophie Brussaux? Everything You Need To Know


While her Instagram has indeed gone private, you can put a face to the name a few images below, an account which may or may not be disturbingly pretending to be Brusseaux. 


A quick scan through her Twitter also reveals a geek at heart, with many her thoughts covering TV shows like The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, and more. 

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