Who Is SUMR Camp? The Mysterious Producer Has Been Revealed

The past few years have paved the way for sub-alias' for some the industry’s biggest names. We were given Party Marty Garrix' Area 21, deadmau5's Testpilot, “someone” is Marshmello and most recently (prior to today's news) Porter Robinsons' Virtual Self. A few months back, an artist came onto the scene with his debut track being an ficial remix to Marshmello and Khalid’s “Silence”. An alias by the name “Sumr Camp” with sub-300 twitter followers (that will change drastically today).

The deep remix is a shwwwinger and most certainly the best remix given to the smash hit and in my opinion, Marshmello's best track to date… Just imagine, the label didn't this “Silence” was a good idea. Unbelievable, but thank you Moe, Marshmello, Khalid. Over recent months, Sumr Camp has dropped a handful singles on his Spotify and all bring a infamous underground, techy, deep, techno tone which has had Dance Music enthusiasts foaming out the mouth. Many have assumed the individual would be coming out
Moe Shalizi's camp as things have been kept pretty quiet and Sumr Camp came onto the scene on a remix to one Moe's artists, Marshmello.

Who Is SUMR Camp? The Mysterious Producer Has Been Revealed

Today was a big day for Moe's camp, Slushii dropped a track with Marshmello, Marshmello dropped a track and Ookay dropped his first track 2018 “COOL”. Then, we woke up to the following European-Country-touring Ookay tweet:

So, my first thought was, “wow I’m hungover”. But, then I did a double take, consulted with Nicky White and we came to the conclusion, bloody hell, this binch is Sumr Camp. has been lighting up with word this ,today, Twitter is going into a feeding frenzy, Ookay is Sumr camp and I'm still sitting here like “WOW I am stiiiill hungover”. I have written a handful pieces on Ookay talking about how big a year 2018 is going to be for him and if this news holds true, this year is not going to be big, it is going to be MONUMENTAL. Diehard fans Electronic Music have been dying for something like this. Peep all Sumr Camps tracks below.

Enter, Sumr camp and his smash hit released today “Words”.

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