Who Will Be Soundcloud's Next Star? Here Are 10 Contenders

It’s harder than ever to become a star on Soundcloud. At this very moment if you look at the top the Soundcloud charts the names you’ll see are artists who weren’t necessarily birthed on the platform (Drake, Pusha T, Rich the Kid, Famous Dex and Youngboy Never Broke Again). Soundcloud has become a platform for rap in general to thrive and as the top 50 begins to mirror the Billboard charts it has become more difficult to truly breakthrough on the site. 

There are number key factors that go into determining if someone on Soundcloud has crossover star potential. The first being their appeal beyond  Soundcloud: do their numbers only exist on the platform or can they match them on YouTube and Spotify? Secondly, a defined style or gimmick always helps. And, third, if word mouth— good or bad— is floating around. This essentially equates to virality in our current format. All these factors tie into separating yourself and standing out amongst the (Soundcloud) competition.

The 10 artists we list here have ensured their Soundcloud accounts are a must-follow, to varying degrees. While a few  these artists are further along than others, each is someone worth paying attention too, or you may soon be "late" to the party.

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