Will Crockford Talks About His Upcoming Release With Rosie Darling On 'Chasing Cities'

On Friday May 11th, will crockford is teaming up with Rosie Darling to ficially release “Chasing Cities.” Earlier today, Chroma Records unveiled the ficial Presave link for the chilled out single being released later this week.

In anticipation the release, we sat down with will to talk about the release here.

What was your inspiration on “Chasing Cities?
“From a lyrical standpoint, the track actually came from an idea Rosie had been working on while she was in Nashville last summer. She had sent me a bunch different demo ideas and there was one called Chasing Cities which I really connected with. Rosie talked about creating a track that focused on the difficulties living in a big city for the first time and being away from the person you love. With that in mind, I really wanted to create a song that felt and sounded emotional enough to drive that message home.”

What was the dynamic like working with Rosie Darling and what interested you in her voice?
“Working with Rosie was so much fun! Once we decided to go with Chasing Cities, she sent me an acapella the first verse and I wrote a lot the instrumental around that. After I finished with the instrumental, she got back into the studio and re-recorded a full acapella with harmonies and adlibs. The thing that’s so cool about this track is that we never actually met up in person to work on it. When she sent me the final vocals, there were so many good individual clips which allowed me to basically piece together, word for word, how I wanted the vocal to sound. She gave me a lot room to be creative with the project which made the process that much more exciting. She’s such a talented artist and her voice is so unique that when it came time to put it together, it all flowed very easily. Her voice is delicate but confident and it fits the theme this song perfectly.”

Listen to a preview the song here:

Release Date: May 11, 2018

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