Will Smith Left Speechless At 65-Foot Mural Dedicated To Him In West Philadelphia

Will Smith has grown to be a successful actor who has starred in a few classics, if you will, such as Men In Black, Bad Boys, I Am Legend and more, but his stand out, unforgettable series will always be The Fresh Prince Bel-Air. Being as the actor is from West Philadelphia (born and raised) the city has decided to pay its respects to Will with a 65 foot mural the actor for all to see. 

British muralist Richard Wilson is the man behind the art and in the video below he explains how he found his perfect canvas by a simple Google Maps search and viewing the streets on Street View. When he found a standout building, he set up shop and proceeded to work on his portrait  Will seated in a chair with a suit on and some Jordans. “You couldn’t have done any better if you tried. It’s perfect, there is nothing you left out,” Will's mother said. 

"The idea that there would be a mural me on the side a school in West Philadephia just wrecked me,” Will added. 

Peep the video below that also sees Philadelphia citizens discuss the importance  youth having someone to look up to. 

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