Wiz Khalifa Reponds To Parental Criticism: "Let Kids Do What They Wanna Do"

Wiz Khalifa chose to let his son ride the bus alongside his peers, pretty innocuous right? Well a few Nosy Nancy's on Instagram begged to differ. They executed their right to speak freely in the comment section of a post documenting Bash's milestone moment. A few of the posters suggested Bash shouldn't have to ride a creaky bus with all that $$ at Wiz Khalifa's disposal.

Wiz Khalifa's rebuttal brings a few things to light, all justifiably correct. Using his Instagram storyboard for its intended purpose, Wiz drew attention to his child's freewill, as something he would like to encourage as a parent. Wiz also noted that riding the bus is a social, and formative experience worth undertaking. "Being rich don't got nothing to do with a child's experiences," opined Khalifa. "He said he wanted to ride the bus with his friends so.."

Wiz no doubt grew under different conditions back in Pittsburgh, but is making the best of his joint custody situation on the West Coast. Even before Sebastian came into the picture, a relocation plot in Los Angeles seemed in the cards for Wiz Khalifa. He loves his bud as much the next grower. Let this be a lesson to all: stay out of other folks bidness when it comes to parenting.

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