Wiz Khalifa Shows Off His "Summer Body" After Months Of Martial Arts Training

Wiz Khalifa has been working like an animal in the gym and he's happy to show f the results. Last month, Wiz was proud to flaunt the body he "worked for" to his nearly 20 million followers and he's taken a similar approach today, posting a picture himself shirtless while on stage. While Wiz works on Rolling Papers 2, due out on July 13, he has been hard at work in the gym. The rapper has posted nearly every day on his Instagram story detailing his workout sessions at a martial arts training center. The type training that Wiz is doing requires a lot mental strength but he has noticed obvious improvements in his physique as well.

Inspiring people to begin or continue to stay motivated on their fitness journeys, Wiz posted a photo himself and his "summer body," inviting his followers to join in. Wiz wrote, "Hope your summer body is ready cause mine is. #gang." Gone are the days where anybody can pick on Wiz for being a lanky dude because he has seriously leveled up, looking as fit as ever.

There is still some time to get your summer body on track but if you're trying to look like Wiz, you'll need to put in serious effort.

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