Woman Gets NBA YoungBoy’s Face Tattooed On Her Arm—And It’s Huge

What kind of spells is NBA YoungBoy putting on people to make them feel compelled to tattoo his face on their bodies? The rapper is only 19-years-old and has developed a reputation of somehow having an influence over the women in his life or his fanbase, enough so that they go out and get inked in his honor.

TheShadeRoom posted a screenshot of an Instagram Live where a young woman shows off her new permanent artwork of YoungBoy's image on her upper arm. While the artistry itself should be applauded as the tattooist did an excellent job on the piece, one has to wonder if this is something that she won't regret 10 years from now. But hey, if she loves it, good for her.

This unknown woman can add her name to the list of others who have honored YougBoy on their bodies. Louisiana singer Arabian inked the rapper's face on her chest. That’s big slime," said the singer about NBA YoungBoy. "Someone I love nothing more nothing less!" She goes on to say, "My tattoo symbolizes loyalty, love, trust, and pain. I’m 4KT for life it’s in my blood! It’s a way of life."

Meanwhile, Kevin Gates was rumored to have gotten a YoungBoy tattoo as well He posted the image of the rapper's face with his hands holding two guns up to his head.

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