Woodstock 50 Creator Accuses Company Investing In Festival Of Sabotage: Report

One of the most talked about festivals this year has been Woodstock 50. There've been a few issues that have prompted questions as to whether the festival was actually set to go on as planned. However, with the way things are moving, it appears as though it's inching towards a Fyre Festival-like fate.

Although the investors announced that Woodstock 50 is canceled, others have refuted that claim, namely the creator of the festival. According to TMZ, Michael Lang, the man behind Woodstock 50, is accusing the festival's investor, Dentsu Aegis Network, of trying to sabotage the festival. Lang reportedly sent a letter to Dentsu's president and CEO claiming that he had worries about such a large corporation being connected to Woodstock.

He claimed that Dentsu prevented ticket sales from going up for sale in late April, despite having all of the necessary permits. He continued to claim that the company began meddling with the talent that was added to line-up. Lang accused the company of telling bands that if they backed out, Dentsu would help them get a show at the 2020 Olympics.

Land said that Dentsu's decision to pull the plug of the festival came out of the blue and that they went to the media with a statement about the festival's cancelation without the legal authority to do so.

The worst part about Lang's accusation is that he alleged Dentsu, "illegally swept approximately $17 million from the festival bank account leaving the festival in peril." 

Lang is still promising to put on the festival this summer but we'll have to see if it actually comes into fruition. 

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