"Woodstock 50" Thrown A Lifeline: Festival Applies For Last Ditch Venue Permit

Woodstock 50 may have found itself a lifeline to save their doomed music festival in the nick of time. According to a report published by Variety, organizers have applied for a site permit, and are awaiting a decision on the matter. Regrettably, the new dimensions are a far cry from their early projections.

The new venue (pending) can reportedly hold up to 45,000-50,000 in one sitting, 100,000 short of their original projections, and 70,000 short of the standing room capacity at the Watkins Glen International. Woodstock 50 was forced to make the transition when CID Entertainment and the board members at the WGI ripped up their end of the contract(s) leaving the festival without a venue or a production apparatus whatsoever. They'd already lost much of their investment capital back in May.

When asked to elaborate on the details of their pending request, a rep for Woodstock 50 told Variety, "we have nothing for you at this time," and left it at that. What I can tell you is that: the new site is centered around an oval track that specializes in thoroughbred and harness (horse) racing. Within the confines of Vernon Downs, is betting parlor, casino, and other amenities associated with the entertainment/hospitality industry.

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