Woov Helps Reimagine Livestreaming

With a brutal drought of concerts, the live music industry as a whole has witnessed an unprecedented surge of livestreamed concerts and events. Enter Netherlands-based immersive music technology company Woov

To kick off the launch of their company, Woov recently hosted an interactive livestream concert experience with a star-studded lineup. The carefully curated event featured immersive livestream experiences from veteran superstar DJs and producers Carl CoxBT and Sunery James & Ryan Marciano.

Each of the three sets presented a unique immersive environment. Cox spun a killer house set from his studio and BT played a set live from the beach with stellar visuals. Sunery James & Ryan Marciano's set showcased footage of them from a performance at world-renowned dance festival Sensation White. Attendees had the chance to hang out with all of the DJs in real-time. 

Carl Cox joined BT and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano for DJ sets as part of Woov's livestream launch event.

Carl Cox joined BT and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano for DJ sets as part of Woov's livestream launch event.

Woov's event powerfully indicates why interactive livestreaming is a sustainable long-term business model. It provides fans with the opportunity to connect with their favorite music artists that they might otherwise never meet in real-life and attend concerts with their friends who might live in different parts of the country or world. Simultaneously, the Woov platform maintains a few powerful key features that help it uniquely stand out from other like-minded companies. 

It provides a user-friendly experience with superior sound quality and "spatial positioning." Each user is represented by an avatar, which allows them to move closer or further away from friends while toggling settings for music, talking, and ambiance or background noise. The spatial positioning is then reflected in the audio output. The platform also has additional features such as allowing users to mute specific people while also giving them options to enter or be a part of multiple rooms. 

This past week, following their recent highly impressive media event, Woov announced their official launch. The music technology brand delivers a new form of revenue generation for artists while simultaneously helping solve the issue of music rights clearance, which has proved a vexing challenge for many livestreaming platforms. Woov does not aim to replace live concerts, but rather leverage technology to deliver a new way to consume and experience music. While still in their beta phase, Woov is currently available to select users.

"A live stream should be more than just a broadcast," said Cox. "It is a virtual music experience that has the potential to connect the artist and the audience. Performing at the first beta event on Woov recently showed that it is possible to create the emotion of partying together in an authentic way and to feel close to the clubbers on the virtual dancefloor.”


Website: woov.com
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