World-Famous Synth Brought Back for Limited Run–But You Probably Can't Afford it

Moog is re-releasing its famed IIIp modular synthesizer — a piece music equipment that will have any music producer drooling over it!

The legendary synth doesn’t come without a hefty cost though. This limited release the Moog IIIp will only see 25 pieces priced at $35,000. When you think about how this Moog technology was adopted by a generation progressive rock and keyboardists launching into a new world musical expression — yeah the price tag makes sense.

According to Moog, the new IIIp series is “built and behaves exactly like the original, and exhibits the tuning instability and interference susceptibility inherent in the design.”

If you’re balling like that, pre-order the revamped IIIp .

Moog Synthesizer IIIp Features

-Meticulous re-creation a legendary modular synth
-Features the coveted 901-series voltage-controlled oscillator
-A meticulous re-creation from original documentation, circuit board schematics, and art files
-Handcrafted using traditional manufacturing techniques
36 hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules custom mounted and hand-wired in two Tolex-clad road cases
-10 discrete 901-series oscillators
-905 Spring Reverb module
-4 x CP3 mixers
-984 4-channel Matrix Mixer
-Includes patch cables


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