XXXTentacion's Mom Gifts Lil Uzi Vert With An Intricate Art Piece

It would appear that XXXTentacion's mother felt Lil Uzi Vert deserved to be recognized, and gifted him accordingly. Considering the work Uzi has been doing in XXXTentacion's name, it's no surprise that X's mom deemed Uzi one of the good ones. Case in point, she commissioned an artist to hook Uzi up with a stylized rendition of his likeness, which naturally comes equipped with shining diamonds. Footage reveals Uzi examining the picture; while he's certainly a man of few words, the fact that he's tenderly caressing the top of his own hand speaks volumes.

A second image captures X's mother, Cleopatra, posted up alongside Uzi and the piece's artist. In his will, X named Cleopatra and his brother as the sole beneficiaries of his estate; his mother has since taken up his cause, attempting to do right by her son's legacy. The news comes days after Cleopatra bought the mansion X was looking into before his death, spending $3.4 million in the process. It stands to reason that the gift exchange transpired in this very mansion.

Check out the piece below, and sound off. Earlier in June, Uzi paid homage to X during a show, dubbing the late rapper to be his "only competition." He also made it clear that he intended on "ensuring that his child and family are well taken care of not just temporary but for life.” Uzi a real one for this. 

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