Yaeji’s delicious remix of Robyn is an instant summer jam

She made it raingurl and now she’s not slowing down with a re-worked version of a song from an icon of pop and dance culture. The dream team is Swedish born Robyn and Yaeji’s remix of ‘Beach2k20’.

The song takes advantage of a sweet vocal hook from Robyn, complimented in melody by Yaeji’s voice. The song is in Yaeji’s signature understated style, keeping the production elements minimal and changing every 8 to 16 bars to different fun ideas. It has a fun easy flow that puts you in a good dancing mood.

“8bit in hifi remix” – Robyn

On making the remix, Yaeji quoted “‘Beach2k20’ was an instant summer jam for me. The left field arrangement and dancefloor motifs mixed with Robyn’s relaxed vocals transported me to a beach somewhere I’ve never been. My remix tries to keep those elements that make this song so special, with updated percussion, synths and a call-and-response portion from Robyn and I so that you can bring the track to a dancefloor.”

If you’re digging it, listen to Yaeji’s original ‘One More‘.

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