YBN Nahmir's "Bounce Out With That" Has Officially Hit Gold Status

Nicholas Simmons, A.K.A. YBN Nahmir has struck Gold with his hype track "Bounce Out With That." The young 18-year-old homie received his gold certification for the beat on August 10th by the RIAA, having moved 500,000 units since its release in January. The total number includes streams and digital downloads. The Cole Bennett directed visuals is currently sitting at over 106 million views.

YBN has previously reached Gold with his older track, "Rubbin Off The Paint." 

"I mean hell yeah I knew it was gonna blow up a little bit but I ain't know it was gonna blow up how it did," he previously stated about song that was released in September 2017. " I always had the mindset that it was going to hit a million but I ain't never expect it to hit 2 million, so shit it is what it is, now that hoe blowing up it's like at 110 million on YouTube. The number 1 most played video on WorldStar."

Peep the video once again for his new Gold certified beat. 

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