Yellow Claw Scraps Collaboration With Skrillex, DJ Snake Finishes Project – 'Public Enemy' [Out Friday]

Skrillex and Yellow Claw's collaboration ‘Rawhide' was one the most anticipated releases this year. Fans were dying for the track to be finished and ficially drop. But at some point, the wheels fell f the project. We are not sure if it was conflicting schedules or a loss interest but it quickly became apparent that the collaboration would not see the light day. Instead scrapping the project entirely, Yellow Claw decided to ring up another friend to help finish out the track.

DJ Snake Saves The Day

DJ Snake has stepped in to finish the track, which now exists under the name, ‘Public Enemy'. While many fans voiced their disappointment that Skrillex was no longer part the project, the overwhelming majority were just thrilled that it would finally be released. Let's be real here too…if you can't have Skrillex, DJ Snake is literally just as good.

The track is set to be released on Friday, check it out below.

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